Hermitage Awesomeness, Mark II

Posted 07 Oct, 2013 07:51 PM by Andral

Hermitage Nazarene church is sponsoring their second "Awesomeness" Invitational Quiz meet

What: A fun quiz with two divisions.  The material for this quiz will be Romans 1 - 14.  There will be lots of awesome quizzing and awesome prizes for awesome quizzers!  Click here to register.
When: Saturday, November 23rd
Equipment set up is at 8am
Opening at 8:30am
First quiz is at 9am
Closing at 2pm
We will have a Chick-fil-a lunch for $5, including sandwich, chips, fruit, drinks and dessert

*Please give a general count to Ginger at sgmagee@att.netby Wednesday, November 20th, and pay Erika on Saturday November 23rd.

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After Quiz Activity for Hermitage

Posted 05 Oct, 2013 02:15 PM by Andral

Next Saturday, Hermitage would like to invite you to eat lunch with us at the church. Chick-fil-a will deliver sandwiches. We will also have chips, fruit, drinks and desserts. Lunch cost is $5. 
After the quiz, and a little clean up, the Dillons have invited us to their ranch for some games and weiner roast around the bonfire. We will roast hot dogs and make s'mores, as well as have drinks and chips again. Dinner cost is $5. 
*Please give a general count to Ginger at sgmagee@att.net, by Wednesday, October 9th, and pay Erika (the mom who helped at Clarksville) on Saturday Oct. 12th for both of these meals. Know that you can always bring your own food and hang out with us; you don't have to eat our meal.

We will clean up at 7pm and leave by 7:30 (to respect their family).

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Jamboree Results

Posted 14 Sep, 2013 08:00 PM by Andral

The quiz year has officially begun! The Jamboree was a blast!  Special thanks to Hermitage for arranging our after-quiz activities.  The round robin top 12 quizzers for each division are listed below.  Time to get ready for the October meet.  Registration for Hermitage opens on Monday, September 16th.


Experienced Division

  1. Daniel Magee
  2. Leah Augustine
  3. Casey Brinegar
  4. Trent Hodge
  5. Dylan Green
  6. Blaze Carpenter
  7. Grant Runyan
  8. Josh Brinegar
  9. Matthew Colter
  10. Joshua Bunner
  11. Carli Tharp
  12. Sam Johnson

Novice Division

  1. Anothony Mannen
  2. Abby Haggard
  3. Lila Dillon
  4. Emma Farley
  5. Sabrina Hedges
  6. Alyssa Mannen
  7. Elise Colter
  8. Matthew Pruitt
  9. Katie Stueckle
  10. Donnie Dillon
  11. Kelsey Johnson
  12. Forrest Moore


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After Quiz Fun!

Posted 09 Sep, 2013 11:17 AM by Andral

Post-quiz meet activity
This year Hermitage is organizing post-quiz meet activities and inviting all district quizzers to join us.
After this first quiz meet at Clarksville First, we will eat pizza, hang out, play ultimate frisbee and other group games.
It will start after the quiz meet and clean up are over, out on the field behind the church, next to the youth building. Bring $5 for pizza, soda and chips. We will finish at 7pm, clean up, and leave by 7:30pm.
Any questions or suggestions talk to Ginger or email: sgmagee@att.net
See you Saturday!
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