Quizfest 2012

Posted 22 Oct, 2012 11:21 PM by Andral

This past weekend the Nazarene TN District took two Bible Quiz teams to Bourbonnais, Illinois for the 23rd Annual QuizFest 2012. Out of 20 teams in the Experienced Division, Gallatin won the championship and Nashville Grace was the runner up. Both teams went undefeated in the play offs to get to the championship round where Gallatin had to quiz best two out of three to win.

Out of 89 quizzers, Cole was the 1st place individual quizzer and Leah Augustine was the 3rd place quizzer. Cole received a $900 scholarship to Olivet Nazarene College and Leah received a $600 scholarship. The Gallatin team members (Cole, Trent, Samuel, and Daniel) each received $250 scholarships and the Grace members (Leah, Lyndsay, Lara, Jarrett, and Carli) each received $150 scholarships. Trent placed 26th individually, Carli placed 30th and Daniel placed 31st.

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