Results for the Decades Quiz

Posted 20 Sep, 2014 07:25 PM by Andral

Great day of quizzing at Clarksville First.  Thanks to Cole Hodge for organizing our first decades quiz in seven years.  We were fortunate to have three teams visiting from outside the district.  It was good to meet quizzers from Howell, MI, Monticello, KY, and from Virginia.  Congratulations to our top quizzers.



Top Individuals Top Teams
1 Leah Augustine Howell, MI
2 Cole Hodge Ex-Sturms & Laters
3 Grace Michaels Bad Dads
4 Daniel Magee Taun Tauns
5 Blaze Carpenter Hermitage Spilled Intestines
6 Laura Augustine Big Walking Carpets
7 Logan Sturm MontNaz
8 Brandon Bertram
9 Matthew Colter
10 Seth Michaels
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Posted 21 Sep, 2014 10:41 AM by Andral
Full results for teams and individuals are downloadable from

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